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I really need to become more consistent with my blog posts. I’ll work on that.
Now on to today’s post…

At one interview I was slightly thrown for a loop when I was asked “What are some of your pet peeves?”
Umm…uhhh…. *gulp*

When interviewing you shouldn’t say anything negative. You shouldn’t bad mouth former employers, coworkers, or anyone else for that matter. You can twist around ‘What is your weakness?’ (though lately I’ve been reading that you shouldn’t) but ‘What are some of your pet peeves?’ What do you say to that?!

I honestly don’t remember what I answered… probably something about a lack of communication within organizations because that definitely is one. I do remember that I was prompted to add more to the list and I couldn’t think of anything at the time. I was also afraid of the question; I didn’t want to say anything that might be held against me!

Today, while at a job fair, I was reminded of that question and realized what else could be added to my list.

A limp handshake.

image from globalexperiences.com

image from globalexperiences.com

Seriously, why is the handshake so hard? I have gone to several job fairs, meetings and interviews and the majority of handshakes that I have received have been limp and lifeless. As a woman, I always get self conscious because I feel like maybe I’m coming on too strong. I don’t want a Vulcan death grip or anything, but a handshake speaks a thousand words. I may not be the most outgoing person, or the most self confident, but you’d never guess that by my handshake. It’s firm and proper and all I ask is that it’s reciprocated.

During my Speaking Before Audiences class at Auburn, we spent a week on interviews (this class was during a summer minimester). At the end of the week we had a short mock interview. I forgot to shake my TA’s hand and it wrecked my perfect grade. Maybe that’s when my handshake obsession focus began. No handshake or wimpy handshakes have bothered me ever since.

So is it just me? Do you think you have a good handshake? Are you bothered by those who don’t?


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One of the benefits of unemployment (yes, I admit, there are some perks!) has been the time to think, reflect and realize. When you take a step back from your job (or you’re pushed back from it) you can focus more on your field in a broader sense.

During college I changed majors several times. I couldn’t quite find my niche and didn’t feel passionate about my classes. Honestly, I was on the verge of my senior year and my dad kept reminding me that I had four years – and only four years– to graduate. I had been pre-physical therapy but realized I hated math and science. I remained undeclared for about a year and focused on general pre-req classes. I ventured into psychology and enjoyed it, but couldn’t see a career emerging from it. Then I somehow arrived at the department of Communication and Journalism. I started in public relations, taking classes in marketing, communication, PR and journalism. I realized that I loved to write and edit. I was fascinated by my communication classes. I switched my major to comm. after realizing that the communication classes were the ones I really enjoyed (and because I could graduate on time in Comm but not PR… just being honest!)  I left Auburn with an interest in everything I had studied but little direction. Majoring in communication isn’t like majoring in accounting or nursing… you don’t graduate with a job title, you have an entire list of avenues you can choose.

I now realize just how great my time at Auburn was. I enjoyed learning how to speak in front of an audience comfortably and how to work successfully in small groups. Interpersonal communication was my favorite course at Auburn by far. I loved learning how to deal with different types of people and the difference of communication style between men and women or introverts and extroverts (both have really helped in my marriage as well as my professional life!) Over two years later I can actually say that I am passionate about communication. I have realized how broad communication is and everything that it entails and I love it all.

I can wholeheartedly say that communication, in its broadest sense, is my passion. Have you found yours?

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adviceSo far on my blog I have offered a little advice and stated my opinion. Now I am asking for something back.

 I have no idea how many people (if any) read this blog. I’m hoping at least one or two and I’m hoping these readers (yeah, that would be you!) come out of hiding and contribute. Maybe asking for comments is against proper blog etiquette (though somehow I doubt Miss Manners has rules for blogging) but I’m taking a chance and potentially rebelling against the status quo (and pretending that the status quo song from High School Musical didn’t just pop into my head.)

But I digress…

I would like some job hunting advice. I know the basics, I’ve done the basics (you know, all that stuff I talked about here) and I’m still hunting. I’m hoping to find some insight, something that I’ve missed or just hadn’t thought of.

As we already know, I’m on all the social networking sites. I have profiles on CareerBuilder, Monster, and get daily emails from Simply Hired. I check the local big companies (Aflac, TSYS, Auburn University, etc) several times a week. I have written and re-written my resume more times than I can count. I have a VisualCV, a blog, and a Twitter account.

Maybe it’s just the economy or maybe it’s just the areas I’m looking in (Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL). Maybe I should blog more or connect with more people on Twitter, or contribute more to those social networking sites I’m a part of. What do you think? Other than the same ol’ stay positive, keep on trying, be confident advice, what can you tell me?

I don’t want to sound desperate here because I’m not. Sure, it’s been nearly 6 weeks since I was laid off and yes, I was job hunting even before then. However, I’m still not feeling desperate or depressed or pessimistic. I simply want to be sure that I am doing everything. You see, when you are unemployed and finding a job is your full time job, you need to do it right! I just want to see what else I could be doing.

So what do you think? More in-person networking? (I’m thinking this would be good… but where? In a small town area, where can I go? What should I look for?) More followups with potential employers? (I always worry I’ll bug the crap out of people who are already busy enough) More blogging and Twitter and social media and social networking and patience? Please advise.

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As a communication major at Auburn I took several pubic relations classes. In a couple of those classes we had to create fake press releases, fake VNRs and even an entire fake press kit as a final project. It was great experience and definitely helped us learn by doing.

Then I came across a blog on PROpenMic. What not to do if you’re a PR student. This blog was written by Brian Camen, a PR professional who first published the story on his blog here

Basically, when Camen was randomly googling himself, he came across an interview… with him… but not really. A student had created an interview, claiming it was with Camen and then changing the name. The answers matched up with Camen’s information on his About Me page on his blog and information from PROpenMic and Twitter.

I have to question and wonder what exactly happened here. Did the student pretend to interview Camen for an interview assignment? Was it suppose to be fake like those press releases and other projects I did? It’s hard to say.

Still, it got me thinking. A couple of the press releases that I wrote were about real companies with real professionals’ names. I have these releases included on my VisualCVas press release writing experience. I wonder if those professionals would mind? Now, I should add that I state on my VisualCVthat the press releases are fake and created for a class. I also do not have quotes from any of the professionals in the releases. In addition, I’m pretty sure my releases don’t show up in a Google search (or maybe they do, but not on the first few pages).

So where do we draw the line? Should students write fictional assignments with real names? Should everything be made up? Should students have to ask permission before writing? If so, should it be for everything or just to get quotes? Do we just need to make sure we state that it’s fake? In the age of Internet, Google and social media, is it too risky to compromise a professional’s reputation with false information?

I would really like ideas and opinions on this – looking forward to some comments!

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To answer the question posed in my subject, you must first know what Web 2.0 is.


From Web2.0 wiki

According to it’s Wiki page Web 2.0” refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web.

For me, Web 2.0  revolves around social media. In 2006, when I was taking a Public Relations class at Auburn, social media was our focus. We created a blog (that began as a simple WordPress journal and  has evolved into the fabulous site it is now), uploaded pictures to flickr, talked about MySpace and Facebook, spoke to professionals in Australia over Skype and discussed the future of public relations. At the time, I wondered what on earth Digg was, and most of the time didn’t quite grasp anything coming out of my professor’s mouth.

Today, television stations, celebrities, stores, restaurants and regular people Twitter (or tweet on Twitter?). You can find a blog on just about anything. The largest growing demographic on Facebook is women 55 and older. Job seekers have online portfolios. You can find almost any type of group to join, or even create your own on ning.com. The possibilities are endless.

So what is Danielle 2.0?

It’s my blog. It’s my outlet to state my opinion on all things Web2.0, public relations, marketing and communication related. I’m hoping it will be the platform on which I find myself professionally. I’m on my way to finding my niche, sorting my interests and figuring out exactly how to make my career happen. Of course, seeking employment only in Columbus, Georgia limits my options a bit… so I’m hoping to find the best way to deal with that.

My goal with this blog is communication. I hope to open up the lines and get advice, give advice and share opinions.

So let’s get started! What are your thoughts on Web 2.0? What do you think it is? What blogs should I check out?

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